Pneumatic Valves

Pneuflex pneumatic valve is used to create an automated flow through the opening and closing of the valve. Pneumatic valve use compressed air, which causes it to either open or close upon compression or release. Whether it opens or closes depends on the mechanical design of the specific valve in the application which uses it. Pneumatic valves provide the ability to be fine-tuned in their operations. As such, they are able to control the speed of the automation process, as well as handle more delicate operations with finesse. Pneumatic valves also come in many different forms and shapes, and are often offered completely customizable in design according to the specifications of the machine they are to be used in. 

Categories of Pneuflex's Pneumatic Valves

  • Flow control valves, speed controllers
  • Hand (shut-off) valves
  • Mini ball valves
  • Check Valves
  • Stop Fittings (Stop Valves)