Composite Push to Connect Fittings for Metric Tubing -- PU Union Straight

Metric composite push to connect fitting - Metric Union Straight is widely used in the pneumatic systems. Metric union straight in line connect 2 metric tubings of equal diameter. Metric union straight connects metric tubing O.D from 4mm to 16mm to provide easy connection and disconnection of tubing.

FYI: Pneuflex produces 250,000pcs - 400,000pcs of push to connect union straight fittings per month.

Metric Push to Connect Fittings, Metric Union Straight Fitting
Fluid Admitted: Air, Vaccum, Water*
Push-in Tubing O.D: From 4mm to 16mm
Body Material: PBT
Working Pressure: 0—1.0MPa | 0—150psi
Proof Pressure: 3.0Mpa | 435psi
Negative Pressure: -100Kpa | -29.5 In Hg
Working Temperature: 0—60°C | 32—140°F

Part No. Push-in Tubing O.D
PU 04 4mm
PU 05 5mm
PU 06 6mm
PU 07 7mm
PU 08 8mm
PU 09 9mm
PU 10 10mm
PU 12 12mm
PU 14 14mm
PU 15 15mm
PU 16 16mm