Metric Composite Push to Connect Fittings (NPT Thread) -- PB Male Branch Tee

Pneumatic male branch tee is used to connect two branch tubes at a 90° angle to a female thread. Male branch tee push to connect fittings (push in fittings) use a flat wrench to tighten external thread. The body parts can be nickel plated brass or natural brass. Male branch tee accommodates metric tubing O.D ranging from 4mm to 16mm and thread size ranging from 10-32 UNF to 1/2 NPT.

Part #: PB Male Branch Tee
Fluid Admitted: Air, Vaccum, Water*
Body Material: PBT
Thread Sealing: Teflon-coating
Proof Pressure: 3.0Mpa | 435psi
Negative Pressure: -100Kpa | -29.5 In Hg
Thread Material: Nickel Plated Brass
Metric Tube ØD
4mm 5mm 6mm 7mm 8mm 9mm 10mm 12mm 14mm 15mm 16mm
Inch Tube ØD
1/8" 5/32" 3/16" 1/4" 5/16" 3/8" 1/2"
Thread Standard and Type
UNF NPT-60° American Standard Taper Pipe Thread
10-32 UNF 1/8 NPT 1/4 NPT 3/8 NPT 1/2 NPT

Part No. Push-in Tube ØD(mm) Thread (NPT)
PB 04-N01 4mm 1/8 NPT
PB 04-N02 4mm 1/4 NPT
PB 06-N01 6mm 1/8 NPT
PB 06-N02 6mm 1/4 NPT
PB 06-N03 6mm 3/8 NPT
PB 06-N04 6mm 1/2 NPT
PB 08-N01 8mm 1/8 NPT
PB 08-N02 8mm 1/4 NPT
PB 08-N03 8mm 3/8 NPT
PB 08-N04 8mm 1/2 NPT
PB 10-N01 10mm 1/8 NPT
PB 10-N02 10mm 1/4 NPT
PB 10-N03 10mm 3/8 NPT
PB 10-N04 10mm 1/2 NPT
PB 12-N01 12mm 1/8 NPT
PB 12-N02 12mm 1/4 NPT
PB 12-N03 12mm 3/8 NPT
PB 12-N04 12mm 1/2 NPT
PB 14-N02 14mm 1/4 NPT
PB 14-N03 14mm 3/8 NPT
PB 14-N04 14mm 1/2 NPT
PB 15-N02 15mm 1/4 NPT
PB 15-N03 15mm 3/8 NPT
PB 15-N04 15mm 1/2 NPT
PB 16-N02 16mm 1/4 NPT
PB 16-N03 16mm 3/8 NPT
PB 16-N04 16mm 1/2 NPT
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