PB 08-01 | 8mm O.D Tubing, R, PT, BSPT 1/8 Male Tee Branch | Push to Connect Fitting

PB 08-01 male tee branch push to connect fitting is used to connect two 8 mm tubing connections on two straight ends and a female R, PT, BSPT 1/8 threaded connection on the branch at right angles. The body of 8 mm O.D tubing to R, PT, BSPT 1/8 male tee branch push in fitting is made of nickel plated brass, strong thermoplastic (PBT), POM release sleeve and stainless steel tube gripping claw. Pre-coated Teflon threads are ready to use without additional sealing. Male tee branch pneumatic fitting is suitable for air, pneumatic and machine tools applications. External tightening with a flat wrench. The Pneuflex fitting allows tubing to be connected and reconnected repeatedly without damaging the tube or fitting.

Part #: PB 08-01
Push-in Tubing O.D: 8mm
Thread Size: PT, R, BSPT 1/8
Fluid Admitted: Air, Vaccum, Water (no freezing)
Body Material: PBT Plastic
Thread Material: Nickel Plated Brass
Thread Sealing: Teflon-coating
Seal, O-ring: NBR
Working Pressure: 0~1.0 MPa | 0~150 psi
Proof Pressure: 3.0Mpa | 435psi
Negative Pressure: -100Kpa | -29.5 In Hg
Working Temperature: 0~60°C | 32~140°F

Dimensions of PB 08-01 Male Tee Branch | Push to Connect Fitting

 PB 08-01, 8mm O.D Tubing, R, PT, BSPT 1/8 Male Tee Branch, Push to Connect Fitting

Part No. ΦD R B ΦP A E H
PB 08-01 8mm R 1/8 45.5mm 15mm 7mm 28.5mm 14mm
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