PU 14 | 14mm-14mm Metric Union Straight Fitting | 14mm Metric Push to Connect Fitting

Push to connect fitting - PU 14 metric union straight fitting in line connects two 14mm tubings. Metric union straight is a widely used metric push to connect fitting. High-permance.

Part #: PU 14
Push-in Tubing O.D: 14mm
Fluid Admitted: Air, Vaccum, Water (no freezing)
Body Material: PBT Plastic
Working Pressure: 0~1.0 MPa | 0~150 psi
Proof Pressure: 3.0Mpa | 435psi
Negative Pressure: -100Kpa | -29.5 In Hg
Working Temperature: 0~60°C | 32~140°F

Dimensions of PU 14 Metric Push to Connect Fitting - Metric Union Straight Fitting

Drawing of 14mm Union Straight Fitting, 14mm Push to Connect Fitting

Part No. ΦD B ΦP
PU 14 14mm 56mm 26mm
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